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2021:Blue granary, intelligent empowerment!

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                                          Blue granary, intelligent empowerment!
      On March 30th, under the guidance of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Pengcheng Laboratory, Dalian Municipal People's Government, Zhanjiang Municipal People's Government and Dalian University of Technology, the online competition of the National Underwater Robot Competition in 2021 was launched in Shenzhen, marking the official start of the competition.
       The National Underwater Robot Competition, as the only high-end competition of underwater robot under the real offshore environment, has been successfully held for four times so far.  This competition consists of online competition, live competition in Zhanjiang, live competition in Dalian and other series of events. Next, the Zhanjiang Competition with the main feature of "autonomous inspection of professional skills" is expected to be held in May, and the Dalian Competition with the main feature of "accurate capture of underwater targets" is expected to be held in September.  Focusing on the needs of Marine power and blue granary industry, the competition will enhance the level of intelligent research and engineering application of Marine agricultural equipment, build a smart ocean innovation highland, strongly support the top-level design of strengthening the national scientific and technological innovation system, and promote the development of underwater robot technology and equipment in China.
 AUV: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle        ROV: remotely operated underwater vehicle
     Zhang Zhaotian, deputy director of the Information Science Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, said in his online speech that the competition was closer to the actual needs and had some innovations in competition mode and track setting compared with previous years.
First, a new model: the integration of North and South Doubles

     Continuous successful hosting of the underwater robot contest, drew the attention of society to the online game in zhanjiang and north and south of dalian game played summit for the first time, on the basis of in-depth integration, relying on PengCheng cloud head to build a more open more professional platform and open source data to calculate force, deepen and broaden the underwater target detection, the related research in the field of underwater acoustic communication.
Second, the new direction: to the standard industry demand
    The contest on the track Settings made the new arrangements, including online game, in the original underwater optical target detection algorithm, the underwater acoustic target detection algorithm based on race, expand the optical industry deployment track target detection algorithm, the new underwater acoustic communication industry application circuit, more in line with the Marine equipment technique, enlarge the coverage of algorithm.  According to the actual demand of social economy and industrial industry, we strive to create the competition engine innovation and promote the new ecology of high-quality industrial development through innovation.
    In the field competition, the Zhanjiang Competition to be held in May will be based on the needs of the deep-sea aquaculture industry as the prototype, simulate the real operation scenario, design the autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle (AUV) track and the remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) track.  Compared with the previous competition, the competition paid more attention to the performance of the robot in communication reliability, navigation accuracy, intelligent detection and identification ability and other practical applications, making the competition more challenging.    
Third, new Elements: More science and technology elements are integrated.
    This competition will set up a technical innovation demonstration of UAV and unmanned craft cluster collaboration, and multi-dimensional demonstration of advanced Marine technology and application to enrich the content of the competition.  At the same time, in order to highlight the significance of science popularization and display of the event, "Intelligent Ocean and Underwater Robot Science Exhibition (Electronic Hall)" will be built to display the results of the three-dimensional competition with high-tech elements, making the competition more enjoyable and scientific.  
     The technical rules and regulations of this competition were announced at the launch meeting. The total prize pool of this competition is up to more than 1.5 million yuan, and there are supporting aspects such as industry and talent.  From now on, the online registration channel is officially opened. Players can log on to register.

       PengCheng Zou Peng, deputy director of the laboratory managing the national natural science fund committee, deputy director of information science Zhang Zhaotian (online forum), dalian university of technology, assistant director of the principal assistant zhong-xuan luo, PengCheng laboratory MeiTao, dalian university of technology, dean of the school of international information and software FanXin, zhanjiang Song Jiakun, deputy director of science and technology and other leaders attended the meeting,  Jiang Xinghai, deputy director of Dalian Science and Technology Bureau, sent a video message of congratulations.

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