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Contest process【finished】

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Competition process

a) Registration
The team registered on the official website of the AUV Target Grabbing Competition ( and filled in the relevant information in full, accurate and true manner as required.
Registration time: May 1 - July 1, 2019

b) Confirmation
After the registration deadline, the Organizing Committee will make a preliminary selection for the registered team according to the conditions of the participants.
Confirmation time: 1 July-10 July 2019
c) Primary selection of projects
According to the actual situation of the team, the organizing committee organizes experts, through document check, to recommend qualified excellent participants (no more than 50 teams) into the qualifying competition, and publish the list of qualifying competitions on the official website.
Primary election announcement: 10 July - 15 July 2019

d)  Qualification Competition
Qualification competitions are organized by the Organizing Committee of the Competition. They are divided into two categories: on-site defense and land offshore competitions. No more than 24 teams are selected to enter the final.
Qualification location: Dalian Jinshitan National Tourist Scenic Area
Qualification competition time: 22 August - 23 August 2019

e) Finals
The final contest is organized by the Organizing Committee of the contest. Video images are sent back in real time and judged on the spot. The final ranking of the contestants is determined by the judge.
Final competition location: Zhangzi Island, Dalian
Final competition time: 24 August - 25 August 2019

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